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   We carry the most popular fabric lines available:  Fabricut, Robert Allen, Trend, Vervain, Beacon Hill, Greenhouse, Robert Allen @Home and many more.      

   Whether you're looking for exclusive fabrics and styles, or interested in price-conscious selections, we've got what you'll need for the soft fabrics for your home.


   We can also help you with any of these products.  Sometimes, the most challenging thing about artwork and accessories is hanging/placing them in just the right places to finish the look of the room.  

   Selecting the right area rug -- that's also a challenge for many homeowners, from the right style to size to colors!  

   Florals from major retailers tend to be either cheap-looking or over-the-top huge or way too expensive.  We custom-make all of our own florals, so you get exactly the size, price and look you want!


   Window Treatments are our specialty -- We have the largest selection of treatment options available in Utah!  And, we are generally 20% to 30% below our competitors prices! 

   We have everything:  custom draperies, blinds, Roman shades, roller shades, shutters, hardware, cellulars, sun shades, verticals, toppers, panels, sheers, traverse if it's made for windows, we have it!

Window Coverings

  • Furniture, Custom Furniture
  • Blinds, Shutters, Cellulars
  • Draperies, Valances, Shades
  • Accessories, Artwork, Area Rugs
  • Remodeling,New Construction 
  • Floor and Space Planning 
  • Upholstery, Re-Upholstery
  • Bedding, Custom Bedding
  • Florals and Greenery, Custom-Made
  • Paint Color Selection
  • Furniture Arrangement
  • Hanging Wall Art, Wall Collages
  • Christmas Decorating          


   While big box stores have huge markups and constantly runs sales, our day-to-day prices are better than or comparable to their sale prices -- so our value is available everyday, whenever you are ready to buy -- you'll never miss the sale price.  We have products that meet virtually any budget, from budget-conscious to high-end elegance. 

   And, while it is nearly impossible to find upholstery manufactured in North America, we have three different companies that make their products right here!  And as to finding wood products from the US, we have several companies that manufacture here, plus local builders that can custom-build anything you want!

​   Our program is designed to meet your needs and budget at the same time.  Our hourly charge for standard design services is just $35 per hour.  That fee applies to time that we actually spend with you -- our research and prep time is not charged. 

   The average consultation appointment usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes; our research and prep time from that is usually 2 to 4 hours, so you get that time at no charge! You can use our hourly services to help you in selecting the right items, planning where to put things, getting the right colors, hanging artwork or getting our ideas for do-it-yourself solutions. 

   We can help you actually arrange furniture, or just advise you where to move things -- you decide how much time you want to use!  We will actually hang the artwork, or simply give you the placement so you can do-it-yourself!  Whatever works.  

Interior Design Services

A Complete List of Services Offered:

   Product prices range from very affordable (compare to big furniture stores that run a sale every week) to top-quality, high-end home furnishings (think exclusive interiors stores).  You'll find that we are priced about 20% to 35% below most of our direct competitors!

   We have everything:  furniture, bedding, window coverings, accessories, florals, artwork, framing, custom-built furniture, upholstery and re-upholstery, area rugs -- if you need it for your home, we can provide it.

Our Services