Melody Foster, President

Gayle Thomas, Designer

Melody owns The Cozy Home and makes sure that Gayle has everything she needs to make  her clients ecstatic. 

She has a 23-year career in corporate Human Resources, working for large, medium and small businesses.  She abandoned that career to create a business that was customer-centric, employee-friendly and personally satisfying.  

That was 13 years ago, and she is continuing to pursue the dream of having the ideal small business. 

​Gayle was educated in interior design at BYU and has worked in both commercial and residential design capacities over her 18-year career. 

She enjoys the one-to-one satisfaction of residential design and is only satisfied when you are thrilled.  She is excellent at helping our clients figure out what they want, and how to achieve their dream home!

She has designed dozens of new bathrooms, kitchens and basements for remodeling clients.  She has also managed new build home projects, selecting all the material elements for a complete, coordinated look!  

Gayle was the lead designer on the Award-Winning Parade of Homes project, that resulted in The Cozy Home receiving both the Best interior Design and Peoples' Choice awards.  

Our team is as unique as our design philosophy. We bring you experts and provide the right kind of behind-the-scenes support so that they can do their best work for you.

All of us are committed to the same things: providing professional design services while creating the perfect dream home for just about everyone! Its really that simple.

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